The Swagger: How to Look and Feel Great

Clothes aren't everything, but they do show you what kind of person you are. Now, I'm not going to tell you to cough up some dough and buy expensive crap from the get-go. This isn't about impulse and cutting deals with expensive jewelry we're talking about - it's swagger, my fine friend.

Swagger isn't something you just get from a sale or the men's section. It's earned. It guarantees confidence on your part without looking like a complete idiot or a total ass. So here's a short startup list to get you on the right track!

1. Pick the Right Look

If you're the loose type that does extreme sports on your free time, you won't be caught dead trying on a suit, much less a turtle neck. The point of wearing good clothes is not about turning you into a stereotype; it's about improving your overall appearance. This depends solely on how you move with them. For example if you have more corrective posture with controlled grace, then you're more suitable to wearing semi-formal wear. It makes you look classier than you already are. If you have easy-going bob going on, then loose clothes are your thing.

Another tip is to make sure your wardrobe is easy on the eyes. This means selecting the proper color schemes for the eyes so that it translates well to your fashion. An example of this would be your white shirt, black jeans. It's incredibly basic but it leaves an impression. Don't commit the sin of over accessorizing or anything that can overload the eyes. Remember, you were clothes to feel comfortable as well as confident:not as a walking art gallery.

2. Keep it Clean

Women like men who are clean for one particular reason: this means they can get things organized. Having a shaved beard or trimmed hair shows them that you can manage things and get things in order on top of your already awesome entourage of cool. If you're really the type that likes to grow his hair, just make sure that it looks neat and not like a rag. You don't have to go overboard on this though, just have an acceptable level of cleanliness.

3. Build Your Body

Exercise and proper grooming goes a long way. This tip is just as important as the first two. Getting some exercise is a great way to give some definition on your overall look; it also makes your clothes fit you better instead of having clothes hanger shoulders or droopy fat folds.

Get some weights and work some cardio to shave off the fat as well as tone your body. This process isn't about building mad muscles, just enough that it accents an acceptable frame. No, I don't mean a tanked bod. Women might ogle at a guy with impressive-looking muscles the same way they look at a clown at a circus. So don't overdo it.

As you can see, achieving an acceptable level of swag is all about these three main parts. Remember, the point of these tips is to improve your game, not change it. It just shows what's great about you.