Interesting Sites

Administration on Aging: Resources for Older Persons and Their Families. This site provides resources and information concerning the elderly and their caregivers.

Ask NOAH about: Alzheimer's, This New York Online Access to Health provides information on care, treatment, related illness, statistics and more.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis. This site provides diagnosis, treatment, prevention guidelines and more.

International Osteoporosis Foundation. This site provides understanding, diagnosis, treatments for osteoporosis.

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, This is an international multidiscipline source for research publications, letters, disease related research and more.

Mayo Clinic website. Find many educational and informative data here.

Music, Art, and Other Therapies for People With Alzheimer's Disease, Music, art, pet, and other types of therapies can help enrich the lives of people with Alzheimer's disease. Pets have been shown to reduce depression and increase self-esteem, while art and music provide other outlets for expression. The Alzheimer's Association offers guidelines governing these applications.

The Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease, This site has information suggesting causes, possible risk factors, neuropathology and more.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation, The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) promotes research into the cause, treatments and hopes of finding a cure for this disease. The PDF offers a quarterly newsletter, a magazine, pamphlets and more. Visitors to this site will find a complete explanation of the effects of Parkinson's disease and an "Ask the Expert" section that provides answers to questions on Parkinson's disease submitted by members.

The Parkinson's Institute, The Institute conducts research on patient care and neurological research on movement disorders to find new and more effective diagnosis and treatment methods. Visitors can schedule an appointment at the Institute's clinic in Sunnyvale, CA, learn about ongoing research, news ,events, related movement disorders, including Huntington's disease and ataxia.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease, Deep brain stimulation of the thalamus has been approved for the treatment of tremor due to Parkinson's disease. Some studies have shown even greater benefit with stimulation of the sub thalamic nucleus and globus pallidus. Visit this to learn more about this research and development of this treatment.

British Medical Journal: Parkinson's Disease, The British Medical Journal provides an online collection of information on Parkinson's disease. Visitors can access news, clinical reviews, medical papers on Parkinson's disease, related illnesses and links to information on related neurological disorders such as motor neuron disease, stroke, and epilepsy.

Praxis.MD Best Practice of Medicine: Parkinson's Disease, This site is designed for health care professionals containing extensive data on the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's disease. Topics include physical exam, testing and screening, diagnosis criteria, treatment, including invasive procedures, medication options, referral guidelines and more. Family or patient visitors can find self-care tips and advice.

Praxis.MD: Rheumatology. This site covers many topics including arthritis-associated hematologic disease, diagnostic test, articles and more. Parkinson's Disease, This site, written by several medical experts, offers in depth look at Parkinson's disease. Visitors will find information on the pathophysiology of the disease. Topics include medications, special concerns, references and more.

U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA), The AoA has created Because We Care: A Guide for People Who Care, an online source for people who provide day-to-day care of a disabled older relative or friend.

Annals of Long-Term Care.This site provides high-quality, peer-reviewed articles for physicians, nurses, and other heath care professionals providing care to older adults in long-term care settings.

Clinical Geriatrics, this is a monthly journal, associated with the Instute on Aging, part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. site was designed to bring a comprehensive database and extensive resources to the consumer, extended care provider, and hospital clinician. This sites provides information, assistance, and advice for families in selecting extended care options.