"Nutrition As Environmental Protection" - last year American environmental protection agency issued a special report which detailed over 70000 chemicals being used in commercial production in the U.S. of these almost 65000 are potentially, if not definitely, hazardous to human health. Similar statistics are emerging from environment-conscious agencies the world over. There is no doubt we as a race are poisoning ourselves. At the same time, our foods are becoming more and more refined, and and the nutrients which are now more vital than ever for our protection are being turned into animal food, if not thrown away. In response to this sad state affairs, articles have recently been published in the prestigious New England Journal of medicine and the journal of the American medical association stating uncategorically that ''the therapeutic need for supplements for prevention, or for therapeutic cures of common diseases is now considered necessary and indisputable .'' In accordance with this recommendation a recent national survey shows that over 80%of all Americans now regularly take supplements, whereas only ten years ago only 10% occasionally took them. Particularly popular dietary supplements such as the Glucocil.

Now that there is no longer any reasonable doubt about our need for supplementation, two questions remain: "What type of supplements shall I take?" and "How much of what I take is actually useful to the body?" Pro Health's "Complete" has been formulated as a timely and comprehensive answer to both of these considerations. Included in this supplement are a wide spectrum of 17 kinds of vitamins and 14 kinds of minerals, including trace elements like selenium, chromium, silicon, boron etc which play an important part in our metabolism. Recent studies show that boron and chromium both significantly enhance performance for the very active person. Complete also contains antioxidants that prevent damage caused to cells and tissue due to free radicals, atomic structures which destroy cells, and which are the result of over work, stressful life-style, and the demands of training for sports. The most important antioxidants are: beta-carotene, vitamins C with bioflavonoids, vitamin E, zinc, are emphasized and correctly balanced in vital Impact's Complete.

The second question, above, refers to what is now called "bio-availability." One of the consistent problems with vitamins in the past has been that they were so totally isolated from their original source that the body no longer recognized them as food. This is what "U.S.P." really means: "United States Pharmaceutical Isolate." Because the body doesn't recognize these isolates as Food, we must eat them with food to try and "fool" the body. But still, the body knows best, and, although it will absorb a small quantity of the supplement, this is very inefficient, and most of the value is lost. Vital impact products, however, are made in a completely different way. Through a process known as 'molecular bonding' the vitamins to be included in a supplement are actually woven into the molecular structure of the protein, carbohydrate, and fat which together constitute food matrix. To date more then 45 scientific studies have conclusively proven that this process ensures that the vitamins and minerals will be absorbed by the body 4 to 16 times more efficiently then isolates. one proof you can try for yourself is to taker any of the our supplements on an empty stomach; infact this method is recommended for maximum benefit. Try it and see it yourself why we guarantee satisfaction.

For the reasons just mentioned, Pro Health's COMPLETE is the finest quality multivitamin in the market. not only there is a total range of vitamins minerals and trace elements to enhance your overall vitality and quality of life, but this are prepared in such a way ( Bonded) that they are comfortably and completely absorbed in the body. More and more medical doctors and naturopaths are turning to Pro Health Products, including complete, because of the marvelous results it produces in the patients.