Are There Really Efficient Ways of Natural Penis Enhancement? The answer is definitely YES!

In this short article I would like to share some of my personal experience with all the guys who are concerned with the problem of their penis enlargement. When I cam to conclusion that my penis in its present state does not answer my requirements for a really impressive manhood and therefore, could become a source of constant distress for my self-confidence, I was a complete novice to the topic of penile enhancement. And since I did not have any actual experience and real-life knowledge, I inevitably wasted a lot of time and money on penis pills, enhancement gadgets, and creams. All those methods were attractively and aggressively advertised in MSM and on the Internet as miracle solutions. To my bitter surprise the only substantial change in size was experienced by my credit card account! Can you imagine my disappointment? I cannot say that I was totally ignorant about natural penis-enlargement methods, I remembered coming across some articles on the Web, I read postings at the forums in which people talked about the subject, but, I must confess, at that time this enhancement method seemed excessively time and efforts consuming for me. Too much trouble. What I was searching for was an easy way of penile enhancement and I was a lucky one to find them after doing considerable research into the subject.

Below I have described two of the easiest and most efficient exercises for novices. In this way they can have a simple and easy start into adding length and girth to their penises. Of course, you should not expect to grow you manhood to the size of a ten-inch sex-monster. At the same time, many practitioners have reported positive changes and gains up to one inch. After trying them you are sure to agree that one inch gain is a nice thing by itself. So, in my opinion, these two techniques should be a good start for beginners.

1. The first technique is well-known as Jelqing. By practicing the technique you will be able to increase both penis length and girth. How does it achieve the gain? The principle of technique is gradual increasing of the amount of blood that can be held in your manhood during erection. The additional blood stimulates the growth of penile tissues by application of stretching force to them. The Jelqing stimulates this blood inflow when you are making a special movement with you hands. Your penis should be in semi-erect position. Grip the shaft of your penis with one hand as far down the base as possible. Do not forget to lubricate the shaft prior to starting the technique. Begin a sliding motion of your hand slowly along the shaft toward the penis head. After you have reached the end of the penis shaft, do not make a pause, immediately repeat the stroke with your other hand, and continue back and forth. The minimum number of strokes for one session is 200.

If the strokes are done correctly, then in the end of each Jelq you will feel the wonderful inflow of blood being pushed into your penis. This is what will bring you the desired final results: enhanced penis length and girth. The key question is your self-discipline and persistence.

2. The second technique I would like to introduce is called Ulis. This technique is just something awesome! If your objective is the increased length and girth of your penis this technique is exactly what you are looking for. At the same time it meets the requirement of simplicity and easy practice. The technique is practiced in the following way: simply grip the base of your penis (it should be in fully-erect position), grip it as hard as you can, but without causing any pain or discomfort. Hold the penis with your grip for ten seconds, and then release it for ten seconds. Repeat the same action with the same time intervals three to four times. If the exercise is done correctly, you will feel additional blood inflow to your penis shaft.

The exercising sessions should be repeated regularly three to four times per week. If you keep to the program persistently, in several weeks you are sure to notice positive changes. As I mentioned earlier, these techniques will not turn you manhood into a monstrous ex-machine. But you will get noticeable increase of the penis size, both in length and girth, as well as better and firmer erections. So, they are a good foundation for beginners from which they can move on after acquiring some experience.

For all those who got interested in getting a complete step-by-step course of natural penis enhancement exercises with detailed instructions here is a related link. Do not hesitate! Add from one to four inches to your penis in a fast and safe way!