Does a Safe Natural Alternative To Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Exist?

Thirty or twenty years ago any person concerned with his penis enlargement did not have any options except a special enlargement operation, a costly and rather risky procedure. Today this penis enlargement method is loosing its popularity dramatically. The reason for this is wide availability of safe and natural alternatives. Some of those modern methods have even been approved by the top enlargement surgeons. What we are talking here about is the penis enlargement traction device. By the way sometimes the problem can be solved by increasing the female libido using alphaeon.

What is a traction device for penis enlargement?

This device (sometimes it is referred to as a penis extender) is a compact, lightweight gadget that one can easily hide in the palm of one's hand or under the clothes. The device is equipped with a special silicone ring: a user has to pull the penis through this ring. Upon doing that the ring should be secured with a special tray located at the opposite end of the gadget.

The purpose of the silicone ring is to fix the penis in place in correct position, so the ring should be applied and fastened around the penis head. The traction force is applied to the penis through two extension bars that are located along the penis shaft. It is very simple to use the extender - just adjust these metal bars and provide the needed level of traction. Under the stimulation of the traction force the penis will grow new tissues, which will make your manhood larger both in length and girth.

The popularity and efficiency of the device depend on its comfort and simplicity in usage. The longer you wear the extender, the better results you get. The recommended daily period of time is around 8 hours.

What are the advantages of the traction device in comparison with conventional penis enlargement surgery?

The financial considerations are the first and one of the most important differences between those two methods. Typically, a would-be-patent should be prepared to part with a hefty amount of money, something like $8,000 just for the operation alone, not counting preparation and after-surgery period. But a traction devise that brings the same or even better positive results is averagely priced at about $300 in on-line shops. The price difference is huge!

Please, bear in mind that penis surgery involves some other spendings besides the operation itself. Before undergoing surgery you will need consultation for which you will pay around $300. Then you will have to pay for tests and additional visits to the doctor before you approach the actual operation.

The surgery involves different procedures for length and girth enhancement, they cannot be done simultaneously, that is, actually you will undergo two operations, both of which are extremely painful. The healing period after the actual surgery can take as long as up to 6 months.

Now consider using the traction device: it is absolutely painless and very comfortable to use. You have 100% control over the adjustments of the traction bars and are able to determine the level of comfort as you consider it suitable. The traction force applied by the gadget to your penis is exactly what you adjust it to be.

When using a penis traction extender you do not have to worry about risks of traumas and healing period. All the gains that you achieve are perfectly permanent, they will not go away after you stop using the traction extender; they will stay with you for good.

The results that you can gain by using a penis traction extender totally depend on time that you use the device daily. The longer you wear it, the better are your overall gains. It is understandable that if you use the extender 8 hours per day, you reach your objective of 8 inches much earlier than if you wear the gadget just two hours a day.

The issue of privacy is another very important advantage of the traction device. The device can be applied in perfect privacy; it can be worn during the day without anybody noticing it. It is also highly recommended to be applied during night sleep. But if you are planning a penis surgery, you will need to make a series of doctor visits before the procedure and afterwards, it is necessary to keep a close eye on any side effects that may develop. And many male persons would feel awkward since they are not happy to call additional attention to their problem of a small penis.

But lightweight and comfortable penis traction extenders offer their users complete privacy. Just apply it, adjust and wear: at home while watching TV or reading a book, on the way to your office and back, even in sleep (option that is favored by many users).