The Ultimate Guide for Men on Dating and Love

Find it hard to make a girl like you? Well, you are on the right track! This short write up will show any man what it takes to make a girl like him. Yes, we know how painful it is to be ignored, dumped, or busted so here is a guideline to help you get by. Let's not go around the bush anymore and start with the obvious.

Good Shape

If you have a big mirror, then you go get it or you go there yourself. Examine yourself in the mirror. Now, imagine you are a girl and be honest about it. Do you think you would like yourself? Do not be biased on your judgement.

It always follows that girls like boys in a good shape. It is not "most of the time", not "usually", but it is "always" or in other words, "all the time". If ever you see girls holding hands with a fat guy, you better check the guy's car or bank account. It is not the guy that they love; it's whatever else he has got. So here you go for your guide number one: be in good shape.

Grooming and Demeanor

With regards to how well you groom or how you conduct yourself, girls are subjective. Some would like a well-shaven guy while others get turned on with those whose sideburns seems to be on a harvesting stage. The same goes with hairstyle. Some want it well trimmed while others could not careless if the man's hair is longer than theirs. Perhaps the only thing that they are not subjective about is how a guy smells.

With regards to demeanor, many girls like the quite mysterious one and many also would like the outgoing kind of person. As you can see, these are all subjective.

Intellect, Talents and Skills

Now here is a funny fact; do you know that most girls would prefer humor over intellect? Yes! Although many get attracted to a Ph.D. or an Atty. attached to a name, nothing can defeat the skill on making her laugh. Many studies have shown that in the list of traits a girl wants in a guy, humor will always be at the top.

Music, Arts and Sports

A talented man can always impress a searching lady. The challenge is which talent is best in impressing a girl? Would it be music, art, or sports? If you come to think of it, there seems to be an equal fight between the three. So the only suggestion here is to do that which you already have talent in doing. Say for example if you are good in playing the guitar, then continue doing that and hope to impress a girl with that skill. This idea however is not to suppress you from learning other talents and skills. Just remember that the more talents you have, the better you are winning over other guys.

These may not be all of the things there is to learn on how to attract women and schedule a date with them. There are hundreds more to learn. The point is that the things taught here are the basic, and they are enough to get you started.